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      1. Eagle Asset Management

        Founded in 1976, Eagle Asset Management’s sole business is asset management. Eagle offers institutional and individual investors a broad array of equity and fixed income investment strategies crafted to meet long-term goals. Our clients, both global and domestic, entrust approximately $34.6 billion1 to an investment philosophy designed to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns over the long term via both separately managed account and mutual fund platforms.

        At Eagle Asset Management, we employ active portfolio managers dedicated to performing hands-on, proprietary research designed to reveal strong companies with discernible competitive advantages and long-term potential. Our approach is underscored by proven long-term track records built by experienced and disciplined investment teams. Our portfolio managers build their respective teams and construct portfolios with a singular goal in mind: To add risk-adjusted alpha over full market cycles. Eagle’s cornerstone principles of intelligence, experience and conviction guide us as we strive to meet the high standards we believe clients expect – and deserve – from their investment managers.

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        1As of March 31, 2017. Includes Eagle Asset Management, Inc. ($27.4 billion) and wholly owned subsidiary Eagle Boston Investment Management, Inc. ($0.9 billion) as well as Eagle affiliates ClariVest Asset Management LLC ($5.2 billion) and Cougar Global Investments LTD ($1.1 billion).